I spent most of the day last Friday washing the remainder of the wool that we took off the sheep a month or two ago.  Ivy’s wool last year was much different than Tootle’s wool, more like mohair I think than wool.  I think that’s why I washed Tootle’s first, because I just couldn’t imagine spinning up all of Tootles wool in that fine a single again.  However, upon washing, it became apparant that something was different here.

Ivy’s wool, 1


(This is my makeshift drying rack.  I just weave a sheet in and around a regular drying rack so that it will hold the wool, then sit the whole contraption in the sun. It works pretty well)

As soon as I had some dry locks, I grabbed a handful and used my combs to make a small batch of top. Then I immediately sat down at the wheel and spun up the whole thing.  Here is a picture of the spun top from both Ivy and Tootles.


This wool is so soft, and has a lovely sheen to it that I don’t usually associate with wool.  I tried both combing and drum carding, and it is definitely going to have to be combed I think. I need to look up some carding tips, because I think I am doing it wrong.

And now a little knitting content.  I have been flipping through all my knitting magazines, trying to figure out what I am going to do next. I wanted a project more substantial than hats or mittens, but I didn’t have enough yardage in the yarn I wanted to use for a sweater.  Over and over again, the shrug patterns I was seeing interested me.  So that’s what I am doing. Of course, I don’t have a pattern, I’m just making it up as I go along. At least I took measurement’s first. I am going to knit the shrug to be fairly loose, elbow length, and then something nice around the edges. I am knitting this part in the pinecone lace pattern that I used on the smoke ring I knit earlier this year.  More details about that as I figure it out.