Sean has been working on the pipes underneath our bathtub. We don’t use the tub that often, usually opting for a shower, but the faucets needed replacing. So he took off the little access panel, and it’s been off for a long time. There was dirt and stuff accumulating under there, but I didn’t want to clean it, because I am afraid of snakes. If snakes were going to come in the house (hasn’t happened here, but did in a house we lived in a long time ago) that is one of the places I think they would be lurking. I wasn’t sticking my hand in there.

So the access panel being off has become a part of our life. I didn’t really think about it.  Until yesterday morning.  Yesterday morning, I walked past the bathtub, looked down at the access area, and saw this…


Now, I have seen black widows before, under a bucket, in the old chicken shed, on a fence, but mainly OUTSIDE! Not in the house, not where I spent the day before right there as I was cleaning the bathroom, and most importantly, not so big! This is the biggest black widow I have ever seen, easily the size of one of those wolf spiders I hate. 

I went and got Sean (and my camera) , and then we got the kids, to make sure they knew what a black widow looked like, and not to get near one.  (They all knew exactly what it was) Then Sean tried to kill it. He decided the best way to kill it would be to spray hairspray past a lighter and torch it.  Yeah, that didn’t work. The spider scurried away into the black depths underneath the tub. 

The access panel is now back on the tub.  If Sean’s lucky, I won’t superglue it to the tub so that it never comes off again.