We have had a busy busy week, and it’s only Tuesday.

 This week is Vacation Bible School, and it is really keeping us hopping.  I am teaching the 3’s through Kindergarten class, which is always fun. Chad is teaching recreation this year, his first year to not be a student.  Unfortunately, the kids that he was in class with last year are having trouble accepting him as an authority figure, and haven’t really even been nice to him, so that’s kind of sad. I can tell he is troubled about it. I told him to just kill them with sweetness, ignore the barbs and name calling, and he’ll be alright. Say a little prayer for him this week, if you think of it, I think he needs it.

 I weighed in tonight, and after having a really rough two weeks, finally made it to the -65 mark. 4 more pounds, and I will be under 200 for the first time in the lst time in 15 years.  I’m still trying to take it one pound at a time, but the ugly fact that I still have at least 60 more lbs to lose keeps resurfacing in my mind. I’m not giving up, I just have to get more determined.

I have been doing some spinning and knitting. I finished the main part of the shrug, and am now trying to decide on an edging. THe yarn I spun up is difficult. I love it, and part of me want to keep it for myself. But I know someone that this yarn would be perfect for, either just as yarn or knit up into fingerless mitss. I can’t decide whether to keep it for me or gift it. Since winters a ways off, I guess I have time to figure it out. I can always spin more for myself, I guess. 

This is one ply of a variegated turquoise top I dyed, and one ply of turquoise wool that I dyed in lock form, and then combed. You can see that I ran out of the lighter turquoise single, and Navajo plyed the last little bit. I think I am going to have to do more Navajo plying, I really really like the way that little bit of yarn looks.


I wanted to share this picture I took back at the River on the Saturday before Father’s Day. We were setting up a horseshoe pit, and a storm blew in from across the River.  Ryan spotted this and yelled at me, I’m so glad I caught it. My first rainbow pictures for the year.