of the week for me is Tuesday. It’s the day that I have to weigh in at Weight Watchers, and I weigh in later in the day, about 5. I spend the whole day obsessed with whether I am going to be at a lower weight than the week before.  After a few weeks I spend struggling, the last 3 or 4 weeks I have done pretty well on the diet, but the weight is coming off pretty slow, and it gets frustrating at times. 

This week, however, I am determined not to care about the number on the scale, because this week has already been a success as far as I am concerned. After some concerns about being dizzy ( and I mean physically dizzy, not mentally dizzy, Lori. Yes, I know what you are thinking) I went to the doctor yesterday, and he said that since I have lost so much weight, I more than likely don’t need my blood pressure medication anymore! I have to be careful and watch it closely for a week or two, but he took me off my blood pressure medicine! That is just so great, and I am so thrilled. I have been on blood pressure meds since Ryan was born. So no matter what the scale says this week (and I am hoping for under 200, again)  I am thanking God, because there is no way I could be doing this without His grace and strength.

 I was knitting a sock, but for some reason, my sock recipe is no longer fitting well on my foot. It is too tight across my ankle for some reason. So I am getting ready to start looking at knitting socks from the top down instead of from the toe up. I need to do something, this is like the third pair of socks that I have ripped out after turning the heel, and as hot as it is now, I’m going to need those socks come winter.

In the meantime though, I am crocheting a baby blanket for my brother and his wife, who are expecting their third child any day now, a little girl. I did not make it pink and white, because I remember how Reagan’s stuff looked like someone had thrown a bottle of Peptobismal around the room. I hope they like it. It is mile a minute crochet, and it really does work up so fast.  I am really having fun with it. crocheted-baby-blanket-b1.jpg