The computer crashed last week, wouldn’t boot up for anything in the world.  After reinstalling Windows XP, it’s up and running, but it was wiped clean.  Oh well, sometimes a clean start is a good thing, right?  I have spent this last week trying to build back what I lost, including the templates for the church bulletin and prayer list, and all the programs that I use for homeschooling and photography. Still not completely there, but closer. 

I have been knitting a little, but I have been so busy fixing the computer I don’t really have time today to take any pictures.   My weight watchers leader gave me a whole bag of fun fur yarn, and Reagan has been knitting her little heart out.  She has a great sense of color and texture, but her follow through is a little lacking, LOL. She has yet to finish something derived from one of her combinations.

After gaining 4 lbs of water weight after the doctor took me off my blood pressure meds, I am now slowly working my “weigh” back to where I was  before.  My scale at home has hit 200 a few times, but I still have yet to see the magical 199.? number. It’ll happen eventually, right?

Well, just wanted you to know I was still here, just trying to get things back in order before July is over, and August and a new school year begin. Sigh. I still have so much to do.