Well, I finished the mitts for my weight watchers leader. I really like the way they came out.  I like them layered, and I like both sets of fingerless mitts on their own, but I’m really glad they are done.


The yarn for the turqoise mitts is something I spun myself, and dyed with a mixture of turqoise, and bronze Cushings dyes.  While I was spinning it I kept thinking I wanted it to be a thicker yarn, but sometimes the roving has a mind of it’s own, and I ended up knitting them on size 1 needles, over 64 stitches.  They are fairly thin, and very decorative, but I don’t think they would be overly warm.  Which is why I ended up knitting the second pair out of Lion Brand Fishermens yarn to layer under them if Jean needed more warmth. Of course both pairs can be worn on their own, and look pretty good on their own as well.

Next on the list is to finish some spinning before we go on vacation, and then I think I am starting a pair of socks. I think I am going to knit them from the top down instead of from the toe up though, because I am having a lot of problems getting toe up socks to fit lately. And I am going to need a couple of pairs of socks before fall and winter get here.  And as sick as I am of knitting fingerless mittens, I am going to need a pair of those before fall gets here as well.  Plus I owe mom a cardigan. I have so much to do! Thankfully my Ravelry invite arrived last week, and I don’t think I am ever again be at a loss for inspiration!