Usually I start a sock pattern and it just trudges along. I am not a fast sock knitter and I am just amazed at all the people who start a pair of socks and finish them in a week, cause that is just something I am not able to do. Or at least, wasn’t. Cause this week I cast on for the Ambrosia socks (available from Knitting Daily you must be a registered member to download the pattern, but it’s free to register)  I expected it to just plod along, and to still be working on the first sock when I got back from vacation ( 4 more days til we leave! Eek!) but yesterday, I got half way done with the heel flap! I really like the way this sock is knitting up, it’s just a beautiful pattern, and I can’t wait to have a finished pair of socks in my drawer waiting for cooler weather. 

I am using yarn for these that I recieved from Lou of Lou’s Ends blog, in a contest she had. Unfortunately, I lost the ball bands, so I don’t know exactly what yarn it is, but it is really dark and I’m having problems photographing it. I can’t wait to see my cousin Jill and maybe she can help me understand all these camera settings.  She is a wonderful photographer, and I am not, as you can see by these pictures. The first is of the toe after I started the patterning, and the second of the sock after I got to the heel flap.  The yarn is not as light as it looks in these pictures.



Anyway, I am really enjoying knitting these, and I highly recommend them. 

Well, I’m still not at the weight I wanted to be by the time I left for WV, but I’m hoping that now that I have kicked the excercise back into gear, things will start moving on the scale again.  Ever since I had the gall bladder surgery in April, I have really been in a stall, but I think now I have things back on track. I never quit or gave up, but not excercising like I should have been took  a toll, I think. Moving more is really important to weight loss. I am glad that the hotels we are staying at on the way to and in WV have gyms so I can keep moving while I am gone.  Anyway, at weigh in last night I was still at 200.4. Sigh. But, I just have to keep at it, and not give up. It has to come off eventually.

Well, I probably won’t get to post while I am away, but I’ll see you when I get back.