The most important part of any trip home for me is my family.  We all live far apart, and so any time I get to spend with them is just wonderful.  This year was doubly wonderful because I not only got to see Mom and aunts and uncles, but Jodi and Stephen and their families were there as well.  It was a real treat to get to see them all at once.  We got there on Monday evening,  and the hugging commenced! I’ve realized that while I think I am a hugger, I really don’t hug many people outside of family.  Since we were only going to be there a week, and those hugs will have to last me until I see them again, I really hugged them a lot!

We didn’t do much that first day. All of us kids went out to with my brother Bruce and his wife Jessica and the new baby MacKensie (hope I spelled that right, since I didn’t even ask how they spelled it)  to where my dad is buried and talked. And really, I was so tired, the only thing I remember after that was that we went to the hotel and crashed. I think that is all we did.  On the way back from the cemetary, though, we saw 26 deer and 3 turkeys.  Now, we see wildlife here in our part of Oklahoma all the time, but 26 deer driving down one road is amazing. I think my boys were a little envious.

 Tuesday Stephen, Jodi and I got up and took Grandma Anderson to breakfast at Bob Evan’s.  Grandma walks with a walker and we realized that Jodi and Steve both had truck like things and I had a mini-van, so we were worried she wouldn’t be able to get up in any of them. We took the mini van and she did just fine, although on the way back I pulled up to the curb so she didn’t have such a high step up. That worked pretty well.  We sat at Bob Evans and talked and talked until they quit serving us coffee and we began to feel a little guilty.  We would have sat there all day talking to her, it was just one of the sweetest moments in my life.  Grandma is really funny, and so are Jodi and Stephen. We had a great time.  Breakfast was good to, I had one raspberry crepe, and it was so good.  We should have had someone at the restaurant take our picture,  because I don’t have one of there, but I do have this one of me, grandma and Jodi (in that order)


After we dropped Grandma off, Jodi, Steve and I went back to the hotel, were preperations were being made to go to the pool. So we all put on our bathing suits and all of the family that was staying at the hotel ended up in the water. It was great. Sean and Mark, (Jodi’s husband) did a cannonball at the same time in the deep end that I will truly regret forever not getting on tape. It was great.  

After that, we went back to Mom’s. My grandma Shatto and Aunt Wanda came out for a cook out that night, and Mom made the most amazing spread. We got to talk and visit with them for a while. It was good to see them again. Later on, Bruce came out and brought his boys, Camden and Dakota and the new baby and we got to visit with him as well. It was just a really good day.

Well, I guess I’ll write more tommorrow, this post is going to be horribly long if I try to write about everything at once.  Fiber stuff coming up soon, I promise! I have lots to tell  you!