I left off last time telling you about the cookout at Mom’s.  That night we went back to the hotel and Jodi, Sean, Steve and his wife (my good good friend, Lori) and myself played hand and foot canasta in Steve and Lori’s hotel room.  Hand and Foot Canasta is a game I only get to play when we all get together, no one here will play cards with Sean and I, so I was thrilled to be playing.  Stephen and Lori were probably not as thrilled, since us playing in their room meant their little girl Jolie would not go to sleep.  So after the first marathon game, we adjourned for the night and went to bed. I lost, but I didn’t care, I was just thrilled to be playing. I say this to point out the fact that I Am Not Competitive. This turned into a point of contention between Sean and I. He insists I am competitive, but really, I’m not.  Just saying.

The next day, we played in the pool. This became a theme, because basically it was all the kids wanted to do.  We also ate lasagna and garlic bread at moms.   Then I started putting together the Ashford traditional that I had taken apart so that I could transport it to my cousin Jill.  I didn’t have a lot of trouble getting it back together, but once back together it just would not work! I was so frustrated with it, I almost went and bought an ax so I could make firewood out of it.  Finally I just had to set it aside with the promise that I would work on it again when I was less upset.

Then we went to Cedar Lakes and ate smores.  The smores were delicous, and let me tell you, if you make a smore out of a coconut covered marshmallow, it is even more delicous than a regular smore. Yum, yum, yum. Jody introduced that little gem, and I’ll never forgive her, LOL. We got a good picture of all the kids at the “smore”gasboard.  From Left to Right, we have Ryan, Emily, Katey, Chad holding Dakota, Sarah holding MacKensie, Reagan holding Camden and Jolie. Aren’t they a gorgeous group of kids?


After we finished eating melting chocolate and marshmallows, we went back to the hotel, where once again, we played Canasta, this time with all of us from the first night, plus my brother Bruces wife Jessica (who, by the way, looks absolutely fantastic for having had a baby a little less than a month ago!) Chad did a great job of wrangling all the little ones so the adults could play cards, but two little ones outlasted him. He fell asleep on a pool floaty in the corner long before the little ones fell asleep.

The next day, Jody and Stephen and their respective families headed for home.  I was so sad to see them go.  I knew we would still have a good time, but I really do miss them, and I know it will be a while before I actually get to hug them again, though I’ll talk to them on the phone and stuff.  I guess not getting to see each other often makes the time we do have together better, but I think I’d still like to see more of them.

After they were gone, Sean and I decided we’d like to drive up to Parkersburg and look around. Neither of us had been to Parkersburg since moving to NC almost 15 years ago, so it was mainly just a site seeing trip.  We drove out and looked at Sean’s old house in Lubeck, and we went to Borders. Then we stopped at a gas station and looked up “Yarn” in the yellow pages.  Which led us to Market Street Yarn and Crafts at 615 Market Street.  Boy did I have fun there.


My favorite purchase there was the drop spindles.  The husband of one of the owners of this delightful shop, Mack Ferrebee, is  a woodworker, and they had a little collection of his spindles for sell there.


This is a 1 and 3/4 oz spindle with a shaft of yew and a whorl of quilted bubinga.  It spins absolutely beautifully, and is heavy enough that I am forced to spin thicker in order to avoid dropping the drop spindle. I fell in love with it in the shop, and as he had  a price tag on it of only $20., I bought it! I don’t usually like spinning on a spindle, but I am now convinced that it was just because I had never had the right spindle. I spun on this one  all the way home from Parkersburgin the van  after our first visit to Market Street Yarn and Crafts. Yes, I said first visit.  More about that, and my other purchases later.