After visiting Market Street Yarn and Crafts on Thursday,  we headed back to Mom’s. I wanted to fix dinner for her at least once, and I needed to work on the spinning wheel that I had put back together after transporting it to WV. We bought a new tension spring at the yarn store, so I replaced that, but it still wouldn’t work. Finally, I went to the Ashford site and pulled up a diagram of the Traditional, so I could look at the flyer/maiden assembly.  Now, I know that that spinning wheel worked fine before I took it apart, and that I hadn’t lost any parts, but some peices were looser than they had been. Also, when we looked at the diagram, it was obvious that there was a part missing from the flyer.  My cousin Jill and her mom, my Aunt Betty, came over. I was so dissapointed that the wheel wouldn’t work. I didn’t want to give it to Jill in an unuseable condition.  So after a little condsideration, Sean and I decided that we would go over to the yarn store Friday morning and see if we could buy the part from there before taking the wheel over to Jill’s in the afternoon.

So we got up Friday morning and headed back to Parkersburg.  Now, let me tell you, Mack Ferrebee is a joy of a person. The part we needed you can’t buy seperately, and the whole flyer assembly was a little bit out of our price range on the tail end of vacation.  So Mack offered to turn the part we needed himself, and he is going to call Jill hopefully here in the next week or so, she is going to take the flyer assembly over to him, and he is going to glue the part on.  It will work perfectly then. And for anyone who has a much older Ashford traditional the newer Ashford flyer works perfectly on there. We tried it out and it spun like a dream.  So I am sure the bulky and lace flyers and mother of alls would work on there as well. It just really opens up a whole new world of spinning options. 


While we were standing there, I got to looking at that vase of spindles again. The day before, Mack had shown me this little tiny spindle perfect for spinning lace weight singles. It was so cute. I finally asked Mack if he would mail it to me if I sent him the payment for it later down the road. He said that wouldn’t be a problem, and then offered to give me the spindle.  I said no, I’d pay for it, it would just be a little while, and if he sold it in the mean time it was no big deal.  At which point he offered to take $10 for it.  Sean says at that point I gave him (Sean)  the puppy dog look, but I swear I didn’t.  Anyway, I ended up with this sweet little spindle that tickles me to no end. It is made entirely of cherry, and is 3/4 of an oz.


So after getting that all squared away, we headed over to Jill’s.  We found the house no problem. We took the spinning wheel in and explained to her that the part would be fixed, and then we sat the wheel up again to try and get it to spin.  Of course it didn’t work, but then Jill had the brilliant idea to use a stack of washers where the new whorl will go, and that worked perfectly! Jill is so smart.  In no time at all, we had it up and spinning, but I am still glad that she is going to have a properly repaired wheel that will actually have some different ratios soon.  We visited for a while, but all too soon it was time for us to go, so we could visit with Grandma Anderson one more time before we left.  After getting a quick picture of Jill spinning on her wheel, and Jill giving me two jars of the most delicous honey from her own bees, it was time to go.


And that concludes the fiber portion of the vacation. 

Can you believe that even after all that, we still managed to squeeze even more fun out of this trip? Stay tuned for the episode where an almost 9 year old girl bests 4 college educated adults! And the trip into the deep dark caverns of Indiana.