Okay, things got a  little busy there, with our first full week of school, Chad’s birthday, and various people being sick.  So I’ll just have to pick up where I left off..

 The last evening of our vacation, we went to Mom’s where we had pizza and played board games with my sister Nikki and her friend Katey.  The first game was Kid’s cranium, which is a lot of fun. Ryan, Chad, Nikki and Katey were on a team, and Sean, Reagan and I were a team.  Nikki’s team won.  So since we had had such fun playing kids Cranium, we decided to play the adult version of Cranium, same teams.

 Well, Sean and I had played before and won, so I really didn’t think it was going to be that difficult. But it took 4 questions for Sean and I to even get on the board.  There were 4 college educated adults at the table, and it was really just slogging along, but finally we got it rolling, and everyone was having a great time. We get to the last question Sean and I will have to answer to be the winners.  Nikki and Katey read it and say, “Oh, they won’t get this one” Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever played Cranium before, but one of the tasks  you have to do is one of the players molds the answer with purple playdough  sculpting clay.  So Sean reads what he is supposed to sculpt, gets out the clay, makes two ropes, and twists them together..

So of course I guessed yarn. I mean, he plyed them together people, and I do sort of have an inclination towards yarn.  Sean says at that point, he knew we were in trouble.  But then, Reagan, who is still on our team, though she hasn’t answered a questions since we started the hard version of cranium, pipes up.  “I know what that is” she says. Everyone thinks, in silence of course, She doesn’t know what that is.  But then she says “That’s DNA” And she was RIGHT!!! Of course, I was going to take credit, I mean, she is homeschooled, and only 8. It has to be the homeschooling, and I, being the proud mama,  am just about to start beaming.  When she adds “I saw it on Danny Phantom” My bubble was burst, but we were still really tickled with her, it was hilarious. 

And that was the best story from vacation.  Always save the best for last.

 I have started a new pair of socks, orginally started them for me, but they fit Chad so well that they have become Chad’s Guernsey Hunting Socks. I started to knit the Williams Street Socks, but didn’t like the way they were knitting up.  So I frogged them back and just starting to knit. When I got to the point where I needed to start the instep, I choose a couple of patterns from  Beth Reisel Browns  Knitting Ganseys.


Then I choose a completely different pattern for up the back of the leg. I have enough yarn to make these go well over the calf, so they will keep his feet and legs warm while he is out with his dad.


I really really like how they are turning out. I wish I hadn’t said a word to the boy about them, so I could keep them for myself! I think when he outgrows them, and that shouldn’t take long the way he is growing, I am going to sew a set of those leather soles on to the bottoms of them and make them into slippers for myself! The yarn is recycled from a thrift store sweater, and is lambswool and angora. It is a very small amount of angora though, this yarn isn’t hairy at all.

Now I really want to knit a gansey sweater. I think I am going to knit the sample sweater for the Knitting Ganseys book first, though. I have been reading through the book, and I have an itch to get started on a project like this.