I got my invitation to Ravelry about a month ago.  I had heard so much about the site on other blogs that I was really excited about getting my invitation just so I could see what was going on. 

Well, at first I really didn’t understand what all the hoopla was.  Yeah, you can post pictures of your projects (which I do on the blog) and search other peoples projects (which I use a search engine for) all in one place. Ravelry makes it really easy to find new projects. Type in socks and I think there is something like 26 pages of results.  You can list all your yarn and books and needles,  but, I don’t have a big stash, and I know what books and stuff I have. 

And then I had a revelation.

You can type in the name of a book, let’s say, Alice Starmore’s Fishermens Sweaters.  Clicking the book/mag tab will give you a page that shows several projects people have going from that book.  Then you can click on another tab that shows you all the projects from that book! Do you know what that means?! Never again buying a book over the internet without knowing exactly what is in the book.  Never reserving a book from interlibrary loan, getting it home, and finding out it is full of felted IPod cozy’s and wristwarmers! Never opening another book again and finding it is full of sweaters from the 1970’s!  Most importantly, it means never wandering into a yarn store again to paw through the bookshelf exclaiming in glee, I’ve never seen this except on the internet!

 Oh wait. Okay, well, I still will only have seen it on the internet, but I won’t ever feel the need to paw through 20 books at once, only because that is my only opportunity to actually see what is in the books before I make a choice and buy something. And I have a feeling it will result in a lot less books just sitting on my shelf because I would never actually knit anything in it. 

Ravelry Rocks!