How come everytime I get the least bit happy because I feel I am doing a good job keeping up with the laundry, the kids  find 2 full baskets of clothes, drag them to the laundry room, and dump them in the floor?

Various household drudgery aside, I have been keeping busy with homeschool and fibery pursuits. I have just turned the heel on Chad’s second hunting socks, so it won’t be long now until those are done. I have yarn in the knitting basket to be wound into balls so I can knit the sample Gurnsey sweater, and I am looking for my next pair of socks to knit for me.  I also split all of the Lorna’s Laces roving and wound it up into little balls. It is in my spinning basket waiting to be spun. I spin a little bit at a time, and so far have gotten two whole bobbins spun up.  I haven’t decided wether to Navajo ply it or just do a two ply.  Since it is going to take me a long time to get all of the roving spun up, I have plenty of time to decide.

 School is going very well. We have introduced a couple of new rules this year that have made it easier for the kids to stay on task. Everymorning, I print a list of all the lessons each child has to complete for the day, and then they check things off as they get them done.  Now they know what they have to do next and don’t wander off if I am busy helping someone else when they complete an assignment. That used to really be a problem for us.  The second rule is that there is absolutely no television between 9 and 3.   If they finish their schoolwork before 3 (really only a problem for Chad, Reagan and Ryan usually still have things to do at the end of the day) they are allowed to do what they want, but it has to be something that is in the “self-improvement” category. I don’t care if they work on personal projects,  run laps around the house, lift weights, read, draw or target practice with their bb guns, but it has to be something that has beneficial outcome for their future. Really, that rule has a lot of”give” in it, and they should still be able to have fun without rotting their brains out with TV.

Well, no pictures today, as I haven’t had time to pick up the camera, and it feels like it has been raining for a week. I’ll try to get some up on here tommorrow.

More tommorrow.