My oldest son is sick this morming.  I’ve been expecting it, the other two have been on antibiotics for a while and it was just a matter of time until Chad caught whatever it is (that Sean and I seem immune to, for some reason) 

But the fact that Chad is sick, makes me a little happy.  I know that sounds weird.  But the other two are smaller. I take care of them every day.  Chad, at 15, is independant.  He takes care of himself, almost all of the time. He fixes his own breakfast, his own coffee, doesn’t need help picking out his clothes (actually, he could use a little help, he just gets irritated if I point out that his clothes clash or his shirt is on inside out. Like that’s my fault)  So when Chad is sick, I’m happy because I get to take care of him. I get to fix him hot drinks, make him soup, check his fore head to see how hot he is.  It’s great, cause I get to fuss over him. I get to show him how much I love him, and he actually lets me.

I expect it is  how God feels about me sometimes.  I can be pretty independant too.  I forget that He is there waiting to help me, if I’ll just ask him, just reach out my hand and call on Him when I don’t know what to do, or how I am going to solve some problem.  How much smoother my life would be if I would just forget what I think I know, and ask Him what He thinks I should do.  How sweet it must be for Him when He gets to take care of me! 

Help me Lord, to remember to call on You this week, to remember to lean on Your understanding, and not my own.  Help me to remember that You love me, that you want to take care of me and bless me in all things, not just the big things. I’m sorry I forget so often that You are always there.

But I am poor and needy; yet the Lord thinketh upon me: thou art my help and my deliverer; make no tarrying, O my God.  —Psalm 40:17