It really wasn’t my fault though. I was really sick for a couple of weeks.  The problem was, I felt awful, and I didn’t have the energy to do much of anything other than the basics of homeschooling.  So after two weeks when I went to the doctor because Sean threatened to take me to the emergency room if I didn’t, well, I was sicker than I though.  After a week of antibiotics, though, I am better.

 I did get some knitting done, I made three “gaiters” for the hunting men I know. One for Sean, one for Chad and one for my step dad, Lee.  They are basically big 2×2 knit rib swatches.  I know it sounds real exciting, but this is about all I had energy for, creatively wise.  Chad models one for you. 


 The only exciting thing about these is that they are knit out of yarn I recycled from a thrift store sweater and dyed camoflage.   Lee, yours is on it’s way as soon as I find a box to send it and Mom’s birthday gift in.  I promise it will be there before deer season.

The only other fiber activity I have done is a little bit of spindling, and I have been spinning the llama fiber that I picked up in WV.  I really think that this yarn would make a beautfiul scarf or shawl if I could weave it on a loom.  It is beautiful fiber.  I hope I get a loom for Christmas.  Right now I am just having fun spinning it. It spins so effortlessly.  I really expected it to be harder to spin.


We have a few other things going on around here.  Chad and Ryan are joining Boy Scouts, which is a wonderful thing, and we are so blessed that this opportunity opened up for them through the homeschool co-op.  Right now Reagan and I are taking advantage of girl time by just hanging out, but I think we are going to start doing Keepers at Home when they start attending regular Boy Scout meetings.  It will give her an opportunity to learn skills and earn badges just like the boys. Also we won’t have to join a group to do it, although I think it would be neat to have a group. However, we can just do it on our own as well, at our own pace.

Well, can you believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Christmas decorations are already up in all the stores? I am ready for Thanksgiving, but I could really do with about 6 more months before Christmas.   I guess it’s coming whether I am ready or not though.  THe kids have already started making out lists, and I keep having to remind them that baby Jesus only got three gifts, so they need to mark their top three, and then we will see. 

 Just wanted to let you know I am still here, still kicking.  Just moving a little slower at present.  I pray the day where you are is as gorgeous as it is here today.