Well, I got one of Bruce’s socks done, and one of my fingerless mitts. Both the second sock and the second mitt have been cast on and are in various stages of completion.  I took the fingerless mitts to homeschool co-op yesterday.  Once I started talking though, I forgot that I even had knitting with me.  I had the best time yesterday!


A few of us ladies that are starting up the Keepers at Home group were talking at the homeschool co-op. Once again it seems my shyness has kept me from knowing someone who I have a LOT in common with.  I had wanted to talk to her all year, we live close here, and our daughters are good friends, but I just have a problem with walking up to someone and starting to talk.   Once Tina and I got to talking though, I am sure she wondered if I would ever shut up.   I talked so much that by the time I got home I was hoarse.   It made me a little sad that it was the last homeschool co-op of the semester, but I’m sure we’re going to get together between times. I showed her how to drop spindle and she is going to bring her little girl and come over to try out the wheel.  I can’t wait! 

God is so good to me. I have been feeling lonely, with Thanksgiving coming up and missing my mom and Jodi so much.  And then, just when I needed it most, God reveals to me that not only are there people at the co-op that I have so much in common with, that share my opinions and beliefs, but these are people that live within a few miles of me!   I am just richly blessed.

 Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.   –Joshua 1:9