We have been in full holiday mode around here, which means we have spent a lot of time doing things that others would call being lazy.

 We took a day and put up the Christmas tree.


Sean  helped us to “trim the tree”



We have made a ton of Christmas cookies.



These are Chocolate Crinkles. They are very very good.  It is not recommended to make these if you are trying to stick to your diet during the Christmas season. img_1260.jpg

So mostly, we have curled up in the house with the Christmas music on, and enjoyed ourselves this holiday season. I’ve done some knitting, and some spinning, but mostly, I’ve just been spending time with the kids enjoying ourselves and playing games and having a good time. This is why I homeschool all summer, so that we can have this holiday season to relax and just enjoy each other. I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying your Christmas season as well.