Usually, Sean and I are not the type of parents that do the grand chase around town looking for the elusive “it” toy.  Mostly because being homeschoolers means that our kids are just not as wired into the fads and phases that kids out in mainstream schools are wired into.  

This year however was different. Ryan has been asking for a Spy Gear Video Car since his birthday in August.  We didn’t know it was a hot item, because we didn’t bother to look for it until the first week of December.  You would think that was plenty of time, but we couldn’t find one of these anywhere in Muskogee. So our search turned to the internet, where we also couldn’t find one in stock. Hmm.  We began to perceive that there might be a problem procurring said video car before Christmas.

 So on the tenth, when they suddenly became available on Toys We R* for $20.00 cheaper than we had seen any of the  out of stock items listed for, we jumped on it.  This is the only thing that Ryan kept talking about, kept imagining playing with.  And for some reason, this year it mattered to me that he get something his heart desired.  

The day after I ordered it, I got an email saying the item was out of stock.  Sigh. I considered canceling my order, but it was $20.00 cheaper than anywhere else.  I wanted him to have it, but I also wanted to spare my pocket book as much as possible. If necessary, Santa could leave Ryan a note telling him that the car would be along later, after the elves made more.  I resigned myself to a wait and see game.

Then, this Wednesday, the clouds parted! I got an email in my box saying the car was in stock. If it shipped on Thursday, I calculated, it could possibly get here the day before Christmas! This might work out! I was so excited I called Sean.  The next morning, I checked my email, expecting to get a shipped email and a tracking email so I could see how close we were going to be cutting it.  Instead, I found an email stating that my order had been cancelled! Cancelled? Why?  I don’t think we will ever know for sure, but before Sean answered my emergency  call I had concocted about 15 different conspiracy theories.  Believe me, they were doozies.  The highs and the lows of the great car chase of 2007 were greater and more frequent than the dips in my blood sugar as I alternated between strict adherance to my diet and sneaking cookies as I baked them.

I Checked all the online toys stores I could think of, but they all wanted too much money for them, there were so few in stock they could ask a lot for them, and I wasn’t willing to pay the high price and the expidited shipping. So I called the Toys We Are store in Tulsa.  I didn’t want to, they were now the enemy, but Yes, they had the spy video car.  How Many? Why, Tons, just tons, in two colors.  And all the Video cars had just been moved to the front of the store in a big bin, and the reason they had two colors was because they had a special edition, that cost less than the normal one, and only 4 of those left.

So after a lot of calls to see if anyone in the family was going to Tulsa in the near future, and then, when? On Friday. Too late for parents caught up in the panic of needing the desired hot ticket item NOW. I mean, it was Wednsday. We both know that someone was going to come in and buy all the desired cars first thing on Thursday morning, and then what were we going to do?  No, the only possible solution was for Sean to drive to Tulsa and get the car immediately. Which he did.

Then this morning, I check my email. There is a back in stock notice for the video car. It is now $5 cheaper than I had agreed to pay for the canceled order.  I don’t understand it, and all my conspiracy theories got blown out of the water. The only thing I can come up with is the big toy conglomerate is just “Toying”  with me, thrilling at the hoops they can get me to jump through.

 Next year, no goose chasing for me. 

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent (me) from prosecution by the big toy conglomerate.