I havne’t written in a while because I haven’t done much in a while. Mostly since Christmas I have read and read and read. Rabbit books, chicken books, gardening books, trying to get my head stuffed full of information before spring.  We are building rabbit cages tommorrow, although it will be a while before we get rabbits.  I am hoping to get Angora rabbits, but I want females, and the lady I am planning on buying from didn’t have any does to sell.  She does now though, because she had a doe deliver a litter of kits about a week or two ago. It will still be a while before they will be ready to come live at my house though, so I have time to read and read and read some more.

 We also hope to get chickens again this year.  We had some when we first moved to OK, but over about a year the owls, chicken hawks and coons carried them all off.  This year we are hoping to get chickens from a homeschooling friend, and we plan to try to keep them in a moveable chicken coop.  You place the coop over the garden beads that are laying fallow that year, and move them everyday. The theory is that the chickens scratch up the weeds and leave a deposit of fertilizer, and then the next year, after your chickens have been rotated through the un-used beds a couple of times (probably a couple of dozen times in my garden, it’s a small garden) you have nice rich beds to plant in the next year.  We’ll see if it works.

 Also on the agenda for this spring is my garden. I am really excited about the garden. I have several varieties of tomato and green pepper already sprouted and growing here in the house, under a plant light. I have onion seedlings growing, they have been moved to the cold frame. There are also lettuce and spinach growing in the cold frame, I can’t wait to have some of that.  The kids and I started a compost pile and everything that will decompose  is getting thrown in there.  We are going to try the lasagna bed method of starting these beds. I was skeptical when I first read the book Lasagna Gardening, but I then scoured the internet looking for blogs or articles on the method. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not one person that I could find that had tried it would ever go back to conventional methods of tilling up the soil, adding in a bunch of compost and fertilizer and then planting.  We will see. I hope I’m one of those people who is pleasantly surprised! As well as vegetables, I hope to either plant blueberries or raspberries this year. I need to grow my own because I have been trying my hand at jams and jellies, and buying that stuff at the store gets expensive!

Anyway, our computer has been acting up, and I haven’t been able to upload or even mail pictures.  This poor old workhorse of a computer has seen better days, and on Monday will be put out to pasture.  Hopefully then I will be able to upload pictures and that will give me more of an incentive to post.  I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long, but I will try to do better. I know you’ve heard that before.  You really havne’t missed much in the way of fibery content. I am working on a new shawl though. I hope I get to show it to you soon!