That’s what my dad always said when it was really raining hard outside.  I’m not so sure this evening. I think if you stood out there long enough, you’d probably just melt away. It’s been raining for over 24 hours, a hard rain for the most part. Three inches in the last 24 hours according to Sean’s dad.

 Sean and I were running some food over to a friend, and Sean remembered he needed his phone because he was on call. So he turned around and just as we were getting ready to turn into our driveway, we saw a tree fall across the road on up a ways, past his mom and dad’s house. It was a little weird. Sean went in and got his phone and called his dad to tell him there was a tree down, no one was going to be able to get past that.  We took the food on to my friends and came back, and drove up and looked at it.  It looked really big.  We live on a dirt road, and the grader that smooths out the road just continues to undercut the trees. I am not surprised that one feel across the road with all the rain we’ve had.

 So Sean called his mom and found out that his dad had just gone out to try to cut it up and get it out of the way with the  tractor.  So Sean and Chad got on their boots and coats and went to help. I made them take my camera (Hey, a blog post is a blog post, right?)  Living out here has it’s perks; not a lot of traffic, out in the country, so no neighbors looking in your windows, buidling codes are practically non existant.  But then, there are occaisionally trees across the road.  At least they get to play with the big toys while they move it.