I bought a blueberry plant! I have heard some people say blueberries do well here in Oklahoma, others say not so well.  So I don’t know how they’ll do exactly, but I have heard they have beautiful foliage in the spring and fall, as well as the blueberry crop! So we’ll see I guess.  The plant already has a few little sprigs of leaves and clusters of white bell shaped flowers that are really delicate and pretty. I can’t tell if they smell nice or not, since I feel like I have had a cold since last fall. I can hardly smell anything. It sure is pretty though.


Still haven’t planted my garden. Temperatures are supposed to get down to 30 Monday morning, so I definitely won’t be planting for a little while. The lettuce is still growing bigger and bigger everyday, and I picked some spinach leaves for an omelet the other morning! That was fun. I can’t wait to have a real harvest of spinach or lettuce though, rather than a leaf here or there.

My friend Tina has  been incubating some chicks for me and said they had started hatching today, so I guess that soon I will be a chicken farmer again! It will be a week or so before we move them here. Hopefully soon I will also have my rabbits. The angora breeder I am working with had a litter of kits I was hoping to get a couple of, but I haven’t heard from her in a while about them. I need to write I guess and see if we are still on! I’m excited. I love spinning angora!

 I have been changing the header pretty frequently, trying to find something that actually fits the tone this blog has been heading in lately. I don’t feel anymore like this is strictly a fiber blog, and I want the header (the only easily customizable part of this blog!) to reflect that. Just bear with me, I’ll find something to settle on soon.