time to get the kids in reasonable clean clothes, drag them out to the woods in an effort to find a place reasonable free of buildings, junk, and snakes, and take their pictures. I used to do this for my own benefit, and so I could send pictures to Mom so she could see how much they have grown, but the last couple of years, I have also done it because the homeschool co-op puts out a yearbook, and of course, the kids want to be in it.

This is always interesting, mostly because pictures that look good through the viewfinder or the little lcd screen aren’t necessarily going to look good on the computer or printed out.  This means that though I think I am finished several times, I’m not.  Also, you can bet, as soon as I go in the house to check out the pictures on the computer, the kids start playing in the dirt (even the almost 16 year old has been playing in the dirt. I am convinced he is trying to drive me crazy, since normally, he wouldn’t play in the dirt for anything, being the cool kid that he is…snort) So I tromp in the house, see that all the great photos I took are blurry (kids don’t stand as still as yarn or knit projects) and when I tromp back outside to resume the photo shoot, everyone is dirty and I have to tell them to put on clean shirts (at this point, I am ready to settle for shots from the waist up. Nobody cares what their legs look like, right?) and get right back outside. 

Being kids, they get sidetracked.  They need a drink of water, or food, or they have to go to the bathroom. Whiners.  They can’t find a clean shirt, despite the fact that I have been doing laundry every waking minute since Sean got home from the hospital.  In the meantime, we are losing daylight, and then it’s dark.  I sit at the computer for an hour or two, trying to get the pictures to “work” using the magic of photoshop like applications. I fail miserably.  So, I tell the kids, we’re doing this all again tommorrow, I have got to get this done!

This repeats for a couple of days, until finally, finally, I have 4 or 5 photos that I feel might work.  I spend hours in front of the computer playing with the scrapbooking software, changing fonts, changing layouts, changing background colors.  Finally it’s done.

But they are cute kids, if I have to say so myself.