I’ve been trying to take pictures of fiber related stuff, but it just keeps raining. I can’t believe how cool it still is, here in OK. Usually by May we have had the air conditioner on for a month, but I’ve only had to flip it on once so far this year. The way electric prices are,  I hope it stays cool for a long time.

In the meantime, my clematis plants are blooming, blooming, blooming. They are so beautiful, and bigger than ever this year. Last year I think I had three blooms on this Josephine clematis plant, this year, I have 6 blooming right now, and at least 40 more buds on the plant. It’s going to be spectacular! I can’t wait until it is really blooming, it’s going to be so beautiful.  All the rain though, is making my tomato and pepper plants a little sluggish. I’ve got tons of lettuce though, and I’m getting ready to plant more.  We plant a lot of seeds, and then eat lot of salads of baby lettuce leaves as we thin them out. It’s delicous!

Hopefully it will stop raining later in the week so I can show pictures of my spinning and knitting. Yes, I still spin and knit! imagine that!