Well I finally finished this shawl last night, after some marathon knitting, now that the air conditioning is on and it is too hot to venture outside except in the morning and evening.  I was afraid that this shawl was going to look like a semi-circular ugly couch afghan, but I have been pleasantly surprised, I love it!

This is the Marialis Shawl  from  Stahman’s Shawls and Scarves. the dark part at the top of the shawl was from a recycled sweater, as was the grey at the bottom of the shawl, but all of the different colors in the stripes is my own hand dyed,  handspun yarn.  I have no idea what yardage is in this, but it’s a lot, towards the end, I could go all the way across one row and back in the time it took to watch a movie.  I can’t wait until this fall and winter, when it is cool enough to wear this shawl!