Boy, June went fast here in Oklahoma. So much happened here that there is no way I can catch you up in one post, so I thought I would start with a knitting post first!

I have been interested in knitting with beads for a long time, but it wasn’t until I found these beads at Hobby Lobby that I finally decided to try it.  Aren’t they pretty? I don’t know why, but I love this turqoise color, lately.  So I paired these beads with some handspun grey laceweight (the wool came from my sheep Ivy)  I like the way these two look together, but I wish the grey yarn was a different color. I am looking for advice on wether you can dye yarn that already has beads on it or not, and if it looks possible, I may try that.

These have been and interesting knit. I found a mitt I really liked, the Bronte mitt. However, it was written for a different gauge than I was getting, so I have just had to modify the pattern for the yarn I wanted to use. I had to completely rechart the lace cuff.  The cuff is the part that is on the needles in this picture, with the part with k4p2 ribbing is the part that actually goes on the hand. Once I finish the cuff, I will pick up the stitches from the provisional cast on, and then knit a little more lace up there. Then, after knitting a thumb, it will be done.  I am using the method of beading where I put the bead on a live stitch with a crochet hook, instead of threading all the beads on the yarn. I just thought that this yarn is too fragile for that rough of treatment.  So far, I have used about 2 and a half tubes of size 6 beads, (I counted, there are 328 beads on this mitt alone. ) I might have to go get more beads!

I have been doing other knitting. A co-worker of DH’s is having a baby, and so I knit this baby hat and burp cloth. I meant to knit a baby hat and booties, but ran out of yarn after I got the first bootie done. So I knit the burp cloth instead. I used Peaches and Cream yarn, in their new (to me?) stripes variety. I really enjoyed it. 4 episodes of lost and a movie off of Turner Classic Movies later, I had a burp cloth. It was very mellow knitting, and I think I’ll buy more and make dish cloths.

I’ll try and post pictures and news from my garden tomorrow. Boy, are things taking off in the garden! Hopefully we’ll have tomatoes soon!