The day after posting the pictures and details for my finished pair of feather and fan socks, I left the socks on the kitchen table while Reagan and I went out to play in the pool.   The dogs aren’t real happy when we leave them in the house while we go to the pool. It is a situation that they have to endure because even though we live on a dirt road out in the middle of no where, I don’t want them to get hit by a car. There is a lot of traffic out here sometimes for a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

So we come back in the house, and this is what I found.

Livid and ballistic does not begin to describe how I felt when I found these socks on the floor and chewed in what I can only assume is revenge for the fact that I left the little monster in the house to protect him instead of letting him run wild to meet his death under the wheels of a car.  His boy was also away at Boy Scout camp, so maybe the two things together made him crazy, I don’t know.  He’s lucky to still be alive.  He had to climb up on a chair to reach the table to get at them. They were folded up into a ball, and the dogs love to chase balls, so maybe he thought it was a ball left there just for him.

That’s just one sock. I thought the other sock was okay and was just going to take this one apart and reknit it with the salvegable yarn and the leftover yarn from the skein.  Then I looked at the other sock, and there was a hole in the toe!!  SO now the socks have been completely unraveled,(kind of like my nerves when I found them chewed to peices on the floor) and are awaiting some future time when I can look at the yarn without wanting to throw up. Then I will knit them into another pair of socks or something, maybe using a contrast color for the heel and toe to compensate for the yarn I lost in the destruction.

In the meantime, I am knitting another pair of socks using the Houdini pattern from the Twist Collective, in some Heart and Sole yarn (a red heart brand, but nice, I like it!). I think the new technique will keep me knitting, right now I am slogging away on the first foot print. It makes great knitting to read by, I just put my book with the top of the pages under my knitting basket, and start reading and knitting. Usually by the time I have completed a round, it’s time to turn the page.

I am also doing some swatching for a Shetland Lace stole of my own design, out of some beautiful 100% 2 ply cashmere(!) I got the cashmere yarn by unraveling a knit skirt that I found at the thrift store, purchased for $2. How’s that for thrift.  Unravelled, the first half of the skirt left me with 795 yards of lace weight yarn, so once the other half is unravelled,  that should be enough for a rectangular stole. I wanted to knit the Forest Path Stole, but there just isn’t enough yarn.  I’ll be on the look out at the thrift store for a larger skirt!!  I figure that a rectangular shawl will (maybe) take less yarn than a square shawl, although I guess I could do a triangular shawl. I just don’t like triangular shawls much, unless they are in the Faroese style. They just don’t stay on as well.

Pictures of those things later!