I figured I better post some knitting on here before my knitting blog license was revoked! I haven’t been doing ho hum boring knitting lately, something to keep my hands busy while my mind does other things. I have found alot of really good sweaters to recycle at the thrift store, and these mittens are out of yarn recycled from a handknit sweater that I found at the Golden Rule.

It is really nice yarn, and the sweater was expertly knit and put together, but very out of date and fashion. I figure I can make servicable mittens and hats out of it. I am tempted to just keep knitting identical mittens one after another until I run out of this yarn, that way we would be supplied with mittens for a while. mittens

The only other things I have been working on are some weaving and dyeing. I have been weaving a turquoise and brown shawl on the triangle loom…both of these yarns are recycled from thrift store sweaters.

Truth be told though, I haven’t got to work on this much since Thanksgiving! Isn’t that awful? Christmas was busy though, and then recovering from Christmas, and then the ice storm and my birthday. Time just gets away from you.

I just have a little bit of dyed angora to show you…isn’t it pretty?
I need to order more dye so I can get more dyed.

I got all the angora rabbits out today and groomed them. Everyone was pretty well behaved. They seem to enjoy the combing and brushing. I got an improved picture of Barnaby to show you. He is such a sweety.


It is such a beautiful day here today, it was nice to be out messing with the rabbits. I still don’t have any angora rabbit kits, but hopefully soon!