We are having dinner at the in-laws tonight, Sean’s aunt and uncle are in from Indiana and it will be nice to have dinner over there and see them. I am making my home made dinner rolls and I have been really watching my points today.

I got both of the legwarmers knit and the duplicate stitch done on one. I started the duplicate stitch on the other one before realizing I had made a huge mistake on the increases. So I had to undo one of the hearts and rip it back all the way to the calf. I knit on. It should be done by Wednesday, anyway, so they can be delivered on Thursday.


I have been trying to think of what I wanted to knit next after these were done. I really couldn’t think of anything that really grabbed me. My delimma was solved this morning though when I got the mail and there was this l in with the dreary bills and netflix movies!!


My cousin Jill sent it to me, it was a complete surprise and really made my day. She was so sweet to think of me when she saw it. It is a Fiber Trends pattern called Bunny Fun. I can’t wait to knit one of these up in angora yarn from my bunnies! I have to be good and finish the leg warmers first though, and this will spur me on to finish them sooner!