We had almost two weeks of absolutely beautiful weather, during which someone in this house was sick almost everyday. So finally, after a round of just feeling icky and having some congestion and sinus issues, I start feeling better. I get my lettuce, radishes, spinach, beans and onions planted in the lasagna beds I made last year. (Those worked great by the way! I was able to pull back the mulch I put on there last fall and just plant directly into nice loose soil. It was great) Then I learned that it was to go from 80 to 33 degrees in a matter of hours last evening. And it did.

I’ve got winter in my spring! Not quite as nice as chocolate in your peanut butter.

I finished the leg warmers. I didn’t take another picture of them, the second one looked just like the first one. I’ve been sick since Friday though, so I haven’t picked up any knitting at all.

I’ve been trying to make biscotti. I am having some problems with it. Mine is no where near as light and crispy as the biscotti that I have bought in various places over the years. It is heavy and either hard as a rock or too soft. I’ll keep trying though, it is something I would like to be able to make myself. It has to be the recipe, and I just need to find a good basic recipe I can adjust.

That’s about all for now. Lots to do today despite the cold.