You know there are going to be days like this, but still you never seem prepared for them. Yesterday was a beautiful day in Oklahoma. The sky was pure blue, it was warm, there was just enough wind for the kids to “kind of” fly the cheap kites I bought for them at the dollar store. I spent most of the day outside cleaning up debris that had accumulated during the winter. There was cardboard from makeshift rabbit shelters that needed to be thrown away, feed sacks that needed to be cleaned out, cages to be hung, seeds to be planted.

I was done with the majority of my work when I decided I needed to move the blueberry plant I bought last year. I thought the little thing had died, but surprise surprise, it had leaves on it this weekend. I decided to move it to a location in the back yard with more sun, where it could be by itself and I could amend the soil conditions to be more acidic, the way blueberries like. (Well, I could if I knew how. I need to research that) So I dug it up, moved it to the back yard in the wheelbarrow (I love my wheelbarrow!) dug a hole in a nice spot, put the plant in, shoveled the dirt back in, and went to get water to water it in.

I pulled up on the handle of the water spigot, and heard the snap of the pipe breaking off under ground. Water started gushing absolutely everywhere! I immediately entered what I call my “Panic now, pray later” mode. I yelled for Chad, ran up the back stairs, yelled for Chad again, grabbed the phone to call Sean, yelled at Ryan to get on his bike and ride and get his Grandpa. Ryan calmly started to roll up the string to his kite, and which point I yelled “RIDE” He rode. The phone clicked over to Sean’s voice mail, I say, in my sternest possible voice, “I have an emergency with the water lines. Call me NOW” No I love you, no I’ll talk to you later. “Call me NOW” I admit it wasn’t my best wifey moment.

At which point, I turn around, and Chad has gotten the channel locks, gone to the road, and turned off the water.

Hmm. I didn’t know you could do that. Good boy! Disaster averted! Yeah! So the drama ratcheted down quickly after that. Chad and I just started digging out from around the pipe, and a little while later Sean’s dad showed up, knew exactly what we needed, and went to town to get the stuff. After we got the pipe cleared, I went back to hanging rabbit cages and when Sean’s dad came back, I watched very closely how he fixed the pipe so I could do it myself if I had to the next time. Chad actually helped him, so he can probably do it too.

In Matthew 6:8, Jesus tells us that the Father knows what we have need of, before we even ask Him. In Phillipians 4:19, Paul tells us that God will supply all our needs, according to His riches in glory. That was certainly what happened here. I didn’t have time to pray when all that was going on, yet God still made sure Chad knew how to turn off the water, that Sean’s dad was at home instead of at work or out fishing. He reminded me that He is there, even when I forget or don’t have time to call on Him, even when I’m not at my best, spiritually speaking. I would like to be one of those Godly women who knows His word inside and out, who never forgets to be constant in prayer, who never raises her voice or speaks rashly. The truth of the matter is though, that most of the time, when something stressful is going on, it takes me a while to remember that I am supposed to bring it to Him, to lay it at the feet of Jesus. I admit that the words and tone coming out of my mouth aren’t always kind and lovin. But God is so good! He reminded me today that He is always there, always working to bring about the plans that He has for me, that He knows what I need before I do, and that He is able to supply it. And He reminded me that He does all that, even though I never have and never will deserve it, because none of us on this earth ever will.

All you can do is thank Him for another blessing and be humbled in His presence.