The newest additions to our “barnyard”

These baby chicks are Silver Laced Wyandottes. I have always wanted chickens like these, I am so thrilled to have them. They are living in a cardboard brooder box in my bathtub though, and they can really smell! We have to keep a close eye on Stache as well, as he thinks we have moved them into the house for his entertainment. The one with purple on his face is the rooster, and the rest are going to be hens. Wyandottes lay brown eggs! We can’t wait!

Reagan is doing really well. She hasn’t had any pain medication at all since Sunday night, her bruises are going away and she is fighting with her brothers, so she must be better! She has to see an ear nose and throat doctor in April. There doesn’t seem to be any lasting problems with the bones broken in the accident, but in looking at the scans they discovered a small cyst in her nasal cavity. Hopefully antibiotics and regular allergy medicine will take care of that! Other than that, she’s fine!