There is nothing cuter than a baby, and that is completely true of French Angora Babies. This is my first litter of FA kits, babies of the demon rabbit Mercy. As mean as she is, (I mean, she hates me!) she is an excellent mother. Her kits were so full of milk while they were still confined to the nest box that they resemembled Weebles or the humans from Wall-E that could barely wave their limbs they were so fat. Now that the little ones have learned how to escape the nest box, they are slimming down a little. They are wiggly, sweet little things, meeting me at the cage door to snuggle and be petted. It’s a wonderful way to start your day, that’s for sure!

This kit is what I believe is a blue tort (short for tortoiseshell). I also believe it is a girl, and if it is, I will probably be keeping her. Her coloring is so beautiful, I can just imagine how beautiful the yarn spun from her wool would be.

Next post will more than likely be on drum carding. I think I have finally figured out how sucessfully use the drum carder!