It is so hard to believe how much barely more than a week can change baby bunnies! The two week old babies that just looked like regular bunnies are now definitely looking like French Angoras!

bl self fr an

These are the two black kits from Mercy’s litter. One is a male, the other female. Taking pictures of all the kits was like herding cats. Difficult to say the least. Hard to keep them in place, focus the camera and get the right exposure. Still got a couple of good pics though.

rew fa kits

There were four Ruby Eyed White (or REW) kits in this litter. They all seem to be growing nice coats. There seems to be a difference between the coats of the white rabbits and the coats of the rabbits with color. THe tort and black rabbits look slicker, and seem shinier, white the REW rabbits seem to have more volume to their coats, and not as shiny. I might keep one of the REW, but I haven’t decided for sure.
clover and daisy

And then there is Clover. Yes, we’ve already named her. We handle all the babies every day, so they will be friendly and easy to handle, but Clover gets more than her fair share of attention. You open the cage door, and Clover hops over to be petted and oohed and aahed at. She is just so cute and so sweet. We will definitely be keeping her.