A couple of weekends ago I had a rare treat and was able to attend the Spinning Guild meeting in Tahlequah. I was so thrilled to get to go, as I hadn’t been able to make a meeting since before Sean started school. I had a wonderful time. We got together along with some stock pots and propane burners and had a natural dye day!

natural dyes
From left to right, these yarns were colored with: onion skin, coreopsis, coreopsis dipped in an ammonia bath, logwood, cochineal, indigo, elderberry, and elderberry with an ammonia bath. The ammonia bath I used for the coreposis and the elderberry was just a couple of “glugs” added to a fair amount of water. You don’t want to use too much ammonia or it makes the yarn brittle and harsh.

I’m thinking I might knit a fairisle beret out of these yarns.

Some more pics from dye day:
Cochineal dyebath

dye pots
All of our dye pots

We had a great time, such a great time I completely forgot to take pictures after we really got started. Gina Levasque provided the more exotic dyes for us, Margie brought the onions skin, I brought the coreopsis dye, and Veronica Avery organized the whole thing. The spinning guild meeting is every second Saturday at the historic Murrel Home in Tahlequah OK. If you are in the area, please come, there are lots of great people there!