aeolian shawl beautyPattern: Aeolian Shawl

Yarn: recycled silk/cashmere

Needles: Size 5 Knit Picks wooden tips

Started May 20, 2009, finished July 14, 2009

I started this shawl when I was driving Chad back and forth to art class, and quickly become infatuated with it.  It was such a pleasure to knit, with clear instructions and charts, that I found myself knitting every possible moment.  Sometimes with large projects I get bored and want to quit early on, but not this one.  It was a challenge to see how many rows I could get done in a day. By the end, I was only getting a couple of rows done a day, but it was fun knitting.

I made this shawl for my friend Tina.  Tina is such a blessing to me, and I wanted to do something for her that would show her how much she means to me.  I inteded for it to be a Christmas present, but a few weeks ago, Tina called and said her son was getting married in September, so  I knew I would be giving it to her early, just in case she wanted to wear it.  Tina and I are both country girls, mucking about in the garden and with the animals more than having somewhere fancy to go, and I knew if I didn’t give it to her in time for the wedding, she might not have a chance to wear it for a lot longer.  Not that I feel she has to wear it, but I wanted to give her the option, LOL.

The yarn for this shawl was thrift store sweater recycled yarn,  I think it was 90% silk and 10% cashmere.  It is very soft.  When I unraveled it, it was tiny tiny yarn, so I ended up plying it on the spinning wheel.  This is a four ply lace weight yarn, now.  As I got closer to the end of the shawl I started worrying that I was going to run out, and there was no way to get more.  I started knitting faster and faster, like if I just knit fast enough, I’d reach the end of the shawl before I reached then end of the yarn.  Everytime I would think it just wasn’t going to be enough I’d find another little bawl of it hidden away in a drawer.  That, I am sure, is just lack of an efficent yarn storage system on my part, but it sure felt like a miracle everytime it happened!

The yarn was a little soft too. It didn’t block as well as wool does, and I ended up lightly spraying it with starch and then ironing it while it was pinned to the bed to get it to hold it’s shape.  I’ve never heard of anyone doing that, but it worked.

aeolian shawl point

Blocking itself took over two hours.  There are a lot of points on this shawl, and my bed wasn’t nearly big enough. I ended up wrapping the ends of  the shawl around the sides and foot of the bed to get it all pinned out.  Once it was pinned out though, it was beautiful.

aeolian shawl blocking

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