Sign-ups for homeschool co-op were last Thursday. I have avoided teaching at co-op, prefering to work on crafts or snack or clean-up, but the format was a little different this year, so I took the plunge and offered to teach a knitting class. I have put a lot of thought into it, I will have a 45 minute class once a week. 7 kids signed up, 3rd graders and 6th graders, and I think that is a really nice group. One of the mothers I really like will be helping me, so that helps too.

There was only one problem, that I knew I was going to have to deal with before classes actually start in September. I knit with my left hand controlling the needle that manipulates the needle, or in a “looking glass” style. I taught myself to knit shortly after Chad was born, and being left handed, that is how it felt comfortable to me, I guess. The only real problem with that is that all my cables were backwards until I learned to read knitting charts, but that certainly didn’t bother me.

I didn’t want to teach all those kids to knit “backwards” though. The only thing to do was to learn how to knit with my right hand controlling the manipulating needle. I’ve always been a little bit ambidextrious, and I’ve been able to knit back and forth for a long time, so that wasn’t the problem. It was the casting on, purling and casting off that I was worried about, and how to hold the yarn.

I’ve always held the yarn in my left hand, so that is how it felt most comfortable to knit “right handed”. This is continental style knitting. I used a cable cast on instead of my long tail cast on, because that is the first cast on I want to teach my students. That went pretty well. After a little practice, I cast on for a waffle weave dishcloth. I think it turned out pretty well, for my first entirely right handed project. I think after our learning knitting, it will be my classes first project as well, it will give them something to give their mothers for Christmas. I’m not sure how many different techniques we will be able to cover in this semester, but I have a whole list planned out, and I can always add things if they pick it up quickly. I need to teach Crochet as well, but that I already do right handed. I’ve always crocheted right handed. Isn’t that strange? Maybe because my cousin Jill taught me and she is right handed? I bet that’s it.

first right handed knit
Do I think I will stick with right handed knitting? I doubt it. It just feels weird when it’s time to turn and knit or purl the next row. I want to just put the needle in and revert to left handed knitting. Maybe if I kept knitting this way it would begin to feel more natural, but I doubt I would even start a huge project knitting right handed.