Well, I haven’t got really any progress to show on any project. I have been getting ready for my knitting class by continueing to knit lots of dishcloths. I decided dishcloths would be good projects for the kids, since I have found one for each knitting skill they need to learn. That would allow them to knit a series of dishcloths and have a present or bunch of presents at Christmas for their mom or grandma or whomever. I think it is a brilliant plan, but we’ll see.

I got two sets of the Zephyr knitting needles from KnitPicks this week. I really like them, but not as much as the harmony wood needles. I finally managed to complete my set of harmony woods in all the sizes I actually use, size 4 through 9. I don’t usually knit anything that requires a larger needle than 9, and I have all the smaller fixed 40 inch Harmony needles that they make in 40″ circulars for magic loop knitting of socks.

It is getting dark earlier and earlier now. Only around 7:30 now and it is getting dark. With the shorter days it is also getting cooler. Hard to believe that I consder anything below 90 cool, but it has been a long, hot summer.

I am trying to decide what to knit next. I have several things on my short list. Something out of the natural dyed yarn for mom (any ideas, Mom? Mittens? Slippers? not a lot of yarn there) a pair of socks, a hat for me out of the angora/ivy wool. A hat or something out of the plain Ivy wool. There is more of that, so it could even be a vest, or series of items. That shawl that I want to design and knit out of the cashmere yarn that I salvaged from a sweater. Something for someone special that I have started and ripped out a couple of times because I wasn’t happy with the gauge. I need to get something portable started by Thursday when co-op starts, so I have something to knit during play practice and before my class starts. Say a little prayer that my class goes well, I have really tried to prepare for it well, but I get shy even in front of kids.

Have a good Labor Day!