I have been really busy working on fiber stuff, homeschool, and my knitting class. Knitting class is just great. The first day I thought I might have bitten off more than I could chew, but each time we meet it gets better. I tried to start everyone off with size 8 needles and worsted weight yarn, but after the first day I dug out the size 15 needles I had bought on clearance somewhere and plied up a bunch of yarn to jumbo size, and took that to class. All but one of the girls eventually ended up with larger straight needles and jumbo plied yarn. It worked much better, and I would suggest starting elementary age students out that way. Once they have the knitting process down you can always move them to “smaller” needles and yarn.

All six of the girls in my class are now able to cast on and do the knit stitch, and three of them can purl, two can bind off. So I guess we are doing all right. It’s a lot of fun to watch them “get it”! I am starting to think about easy projects to do. I figure in about 2 classes we will be able to start an easy project.

I finished two projects this week, a hat and bib for a lady at the homeschool co-op who is expecting and due in three weeks, and a pair of fingerless mittens for Reagan.

The bib is the same bib I made for the pastor’s grandson a post or two ago. This one is for a girl though, so I did it in hot pink, with a textured stitch and the I cord border. I kind of didn’t follow the pattern very well, so it is really big. I figure the kid can use it until it gets to Kindergarten, it’s so big. The hat is a beret from Wooly Wormhead and it turned out so cute. I added the I-cord brim, and I really like the way it looks. I hope the mama to be likes it as well.
baby hat and bib

I also made a pair of fingerless mittens for Reagan. These are made from the yarn I spun on my spinning wheel when I first got it, and then knit into a hat for Reagan. The dog chewed the point off the hat, so it had to be unraveled and made into something else. I am pleased with how well this yarn is holding up, although the knit stitches made with it are a little wonky. It is probably over-spun to some extent. She loves them though, and that’s what matters. I’m glad I was able to re-use the yarn. I wanted to make the Butterfly Beret with it, but didn’t have enough yarn. I think that pattern would look really cute with Reagan’s new hair cut. She is looking awfully grown up for as young as she is. She’s almost taller than I am, now.
fingerless mitss 2

I have a lot of projects in my “to-do” list, so be prepared for lots of updates. I am going HOME to WV for Thanksgiving, and I have lots of projects to get done for people here and there before then, so it should mean lots of blogging. I hope!

bib page 4P.S.  All these things are knitted right handed!! I am finding that far more enjoyable than knitting left handed, because I can do the norweigian purl on K1P1 ribbing. So glad I finally made myself sit down and learn how to knit with my right hand.