I had the best evening tonight. For the first time in 11 years I got to talk to my best friend from right after highschool, Robin. We weren’t great friends in high school, but started college in the same community college and became such great friends. I lost touch with her when I was pregnant with Reagan, and have spent the last 11 years trying to find her based on her maiden name, her name from her first marriage, and where I knew she was living the last time I talked to her. Not a week has gone by since we got on the internet that I haven’t typed her name into a search engine. I have called more “Robin *****” and asked them if they went to my high school than I care to remember.

But today I found her! Or she found me. More likely, God caused our paths to cross. I am so happy, and so blessed. I just can’t believe it!! She sounded so happy and content, and for that I am so glad.

I started another hat out of the natural dyed yarn. I’m not showing the one I made for Mom until after she gets it. Can’t decide if I’ll mail it or just take it with me when we go for Thanksgiving. (39 days and counting) I’ll show you pictures of this one though, and then if she wants this one, I’ll either give the one I made her to Reagan, or take it apart and knit another one like this if I don’t have enough yarn for two like this. I love this hat, it is so pretty!
FIberet 2

Anyway, I guess I’ll go to bed and try to sleep. I don’t know if I can, I’m so happy! God has been so good to me again!