Started October 11, 2009
Finished October 15, 2009

Pattern: Fair Isle Beret from the Harmony Guide to Aran and Fair Isle Knitting.


I really loved knitting this hat. I forgot how enjoyable Fair Isle actually is and how quick it goes. I guess the changing colors keep you knitting so you can see what the next row is going to look like. Once I got past the two repeats of the chart for the border of the hat, and started the chart of the star, I had to rip it back a couple of times. I wanted to make sure the colors on the top were as pleasing as the colors of the border. I think it turned out beautiful, although I probably could have kept ripping it out and trying different things for days.

both berets fav

I still have lots of this natural dyed yarn left, although I am about out of the yellows. I might try to squeeze one more out of it, either for myself or Reagan. I figure Mom will want this one, instead of the one I originally knit for her. It is definitely the most beautiful of the two, although I really like the Wesley hat as well.

I’ve already cast on for the next hat, although I am trying to decide whether to put my own border chart in. I couldn’t possibly knit the same exact hat twice, now could I?