I know, I know. Not posting for a couple of weeks after I vowed to do better is so not good! Homeschool has started up again, though, and I am just busy. Then I was sick with three different things in the last two weeks. This week is going to be better!!

A week ago, the family took a trip to Tulsa. We don’t do that very often, it’s a long drive and we can get most of what we need nearer to home. We wanted to go to the thrift store up there,though, and so we set off. We ended up going to P.F. Changs, which is my favorite eatery of all time, and to Loops in Utica Square as well. I love Loops! Everyone there is just so friendly, and I ended up with two new yarns.

The first is Crystal Palace Mini Mochi. I plan on using it with some brown yarn of the same weight to do fingerless mitts or a hat. Both if I have enough yardage! I absolutely love the colors, and the projects done with it on Ravelry are awesome!!

The second is Araucania Ranco Solid. I plan on making the Leyburn Socks out of it. It has just a tiny bit of variation in the color, and I think it will make these socks really pop. I can’t wait to start knitting them.

I also got a new case for my odds and ends of knitting. A little Namaste case. It is really cute, and I love it, but now I can’t find it anywhere.  I know it is here somewhere though. I had it two days ago, and I haven’t left the house since.

I have made a lot of progress on my first knitting pattern that I plan to self publish. My sister in law has asked me to knit a pair of fingerless beaded mitts for her aunt, and since I am designing them myself, I am keeping detailed notes and hope that the end result after some editing is that the instructions are clear enough that others can understand . I have to admit, I am a little bit nervous about this. It is easy to knit something and just make it up as you go along. I do that all the time. It is another thing entirely to write it our so others can understand what you are talking about.

The other exciting thing that has happened in the last week is that a dear friend of mine called and asked me to start giving her daughter knitting lessons. That really made me happy. I can’t believe as much as I avoided teaching anyone buy my own kids in the last 5 years, I really enjoy teaching kids to knit. I am teaching knitting again this year at homeschool co-op, but this particular family wasn’t going to get to come, so I am glad she can continue learning anyway. It is really a blessing to get to work with her.

Oh well. More later. I have some finished knitting, but nothing really big.