I continue to knit on my “knit hats for all your nieces and nephews” project. I am on the second to last hat, and I have really enjoyed it, picking out the right yarn, finding a nice pattern. Capucine was one of my favorite knits, If I could find a suitable fuzzy yarn, I would probably knit myself one to wear out when I was feeding animals this winter. I also made a really nice hat from the Drops collection, for my teenage niece Sarah. I had to crochet on that one, and I haven’t seriously crocheted in a long time. That is another one I would make again, but probably for Reagan, not for me.

Reagan is on a hat kick. Every hat I make, she wants one of her own. So I started her knitting her first project in the round. I have promised her that if she finishes this project, (from my stash yarn) I will buy her hew own yarn the next time we go to the yarn store or from Knit Picks. She continues to work on it, slowly. Mostly during Project Runway. I’m just happy she hasn’t decided to turn it into a purse, or something. She is a half an inch away from starting the decreases. I’ll keep you updated.

My pattern went live on Knit Picks on Thursday. I also put it up on Ravelry’s store. I won’t tell you how many patterns I’ve sold. It’s a little underwhelming. It was my first try at designing, and I’m pleased with how the process went. Very pleased in fact. I learned a lot. I can’t wait to do another one. I have three projects spinning around in my head now, and as soon as I finish this hat, and one more, I can get started!!!!!!!!!