I flip flopped between naming this post lax or lazy. I have had good blogging intentions, but really no time to blog. First there were the holidays, and two days after Christmas, Sean had shoulder surgery. What was supposed to be one week off work turned into 4, and all my good intentions for the new year and this blog flew right out the window. It is hard to get anything done when he is here, because I just want to spend time with him. So we played games with the kids (Settlers of Catan is so great! Wish I had bought it earlier!) and did the required homeschooling and housecleaning, and that is about it!

However, this morning, he got himself up and out the door. I got myself up and on the elliptical machine. I have managed to stay on my diet while he was home, but the exercise will help with the weight loss. (I Hope) I intend to post at least every couple of days, but I’d like to post every day. My cousin Lucinda posts everyday on her blog, and I love reading it. Do you think you’ll get sick of my if I post everyday?

On my plate for the rest of the day is finishing today’s homeschool, and organizing my knitting space. I have an area in my bedroom that is supposed to hold knitting stuff, but it is not well utilized, and things end up there that do NOT belong. So I decided today was the day. I’m going to clean it all off and see if I can’t do something with it. I need an area for all the yarns I am currently working with, a place for “work” related papers and receipts, a way to organize current and past design projects. I have two small filing cabinets in the closet that I am thinking about moving out to that area, with maybe a board on top for desk space. We’ll see.

I am also making a loaf of bread for my friend Mary, who is very ill, and could use your prayers if you don’t mind. Sean and Ryan will drop it off on their way to town for Boy Scouts. Ryan just advanced to First Class Scout, and they are starting to work on their citizenship badge, which he needs to make Eagle Scout.

Well, that’s about it. Maybe pictures with the next post, hmmm?