We were having a lazy day yesterday, neither Sean or myself felt very good. the power went out while my MIL had gone to the store to get us some chicken bouillon, and she had dropped it off when we decided to take a nap. We had set the alarm to wake us up in about an hour when MIL came tearing back through the driveway yelling that there’s was a fire in the woods between her house and my brother-in-laws house. Let me tell you, nothing gets your adrenalin going faster than the two words Help! And Fire! We had our shoes on, had grabbed our shovels and were headed up the road in about a minute.

When we first saw the fire, it looked pretty bad. There was smoke blowing towards MIL and FIL’s house, and little tounges of flame everywhere. The tire on the big smoker was on fire. We all live kind of back in the woods, and there are dry leaves and brush back in there, and it was a little scary. We had to send Reagan in the house, as she is extremely allergic to poison ivy, and we were afraid that smoke from poison ivy plants would cause her to get really sick. The boys jumped right in and started beating out flames and shoveling sand and dirt on the smaller flames. It wasn’t too long until FIL showed up on the tractor and cut a fire break, and then we could spread out and just keep fire from spreading on our area. The fire department showed up, but either figured we had it under control or that there was nothing they could do since they couldn’t get their truck back in the woods. They soon left. An hour or two later, most of it was out except for some big piles of dead wood that had caught. We strung every water hose that we could find together, and left the young men to watch that and get it watered down.

We got home, and we still had no power, so we couldn’t shower. I think that was the worst part. We all smelled like we had been barbecued. It took another hour for the power to come back on. I think that was the best shower I have ever had!

By the time everyone got home, we ran to the church to run off the bulletin and clean, and I got dinner cooked it was almost 8:00 pm. We were all starved! Hunger does make the best sauce, let me tell you. Although chicken and dumplings are good whether you are hungry or not.

So all in all, A pretty exciting day, but I’m glad it’s over, and thankful the Lord was with us and it turned out so well.