It is hard to believe that a week ago we had temperatures in the 70’s! Even harder to believe we had to fight a fire, because it is so cold and snowy now it hardly seems like OK. Not that I am complaining!

We knew a storm was coming, we just didn’t know what kind of storm we were going to get. Would it start as freezing rain, and be an ice storm? Or would it be mainly sleet with a little snow at the end? Most importantly, would we lose power?

Sean came home from work Monday and we all packed a bag with clothes, books, and entertainment in case we lost power and had to go stay at Chad and Judy’s until we got power back. We have generators, but they power the stove and fridge every few hours for an hour to keep the food from going bad. They will not power the heat in the house, so it is necessary to stay with Chad and Judy. A blessing, to be sure, that they have a generator that powers the whole house, a gas stove to cook on, a fireplace to warm it all, and hearts big enough to let us take advantage of it. However, it is stressful for us all to be crammed in the same house for days on end until power is restored. How did people do it in the old days, when generations lived in the same house? I suspect if we lived that way today, people would be a lot more patient with one another, lass apt to take offense at every little thing. Anyway,…

I heard rain or something about 4:00 am Tuesday, and got up to see what was happening. Thank goodness it was sleet and not rain! We had had just the smallest amount of freezing rain before the sleet started. I decided to start a couple of loaves of bread, in case we did lose power. After I started the bread I watched the local news online, trying to keep up with what was happening. They were having a lot more snow in Tulsa, and the weather men were very excited. It sleeted for a long time before it started snowing here and the ground was completely covered with sleet before the snow started falling. That made it slick.

About 8:00 am it started to snow very heavily, and I got the kids up so we could take care of animals before it got bad. While they were doing that I put the first two loaves of bread in the oven, and started two more. Sean didn’t go to work, so we let him sleep. After the bread was baked, I made biscuits. Sean headed outside to take care of stuff, and then he, his dad and our Brother-in-law, James, went to Gore to see if they could get to Harps. I think though, that driving the four wheel drive truck on snowy roads is their version of playing outside on a snow day!

In the end, we had 10 or eleven inches of snow. We haven’t been out, but Sean has been to Tahlequah twice for work, and the roads have not been plowed. There are still semis that are stuck on the highways and turnpikes, and they say that it will be about three days before supply trucks can get through. I’m glad I can bake, and that Sean stopped and got essentials Thursday after work.

We have had more snow today, about two to three inches. I never ever thought that I would see the day that we would have more than a foot of snow on the ground. I would post pictures, but my camera died. I know a lot of unhappy people, but I’m loving it. It will be gone soon, and it will be a wonderful memory someday when the temp is over a 100 and I’m wishing for snow. I’m happy!