I’m not complaining, I love the snow! Nothing makes me happier than being snowed in with the people I love.

It started snowing early this morning, and we have about 6 inches. It is a light powdery snow, so it’s not going to pack well. The kids will be sad about that. They had plans to finish the snow fort they started last week and have a grand snow ball fight.


I have been knitting, a pair or steel grey mittens for Ryan with double cuffs. I like decorative cuffs, but they don't help much when trying to keep out snow, so I knit a ribbed cuff first, and then started my mitten with the decorative cuff. When the decorative cuff was an inch longer than the ribbed cuff, I joined them by working one stitch of the ribbed cuff with one stitch of the decorative cuff in pattern. Kind of like working a two needle bind off, except I wasn't binding off. Now there is a nice snug ribbed cuff under the decorative ribbed cuff and Ryan is very pleased with it.

You can tell it is a little thicker where the two cuffs lie together. In order to fix this, I will knit the next set with the ribbing in a thinner yarn, so that it won’t be so noticeable under the decorativevmitt.


I thought I was almost done with the first one, but on measuring Ryan's hands for the decreases it was discovered that he has had a huge growth spurt! His hands are bigger than even Chad's, and I have more knitting to do. I guess I better get started!