It is exceptionally cold today. I have heard one report that it was warmer at the south pole than parts of Oklahoma today. There is only one thing to do when it is this cold. I have to bake. So I made another loaf of three seed bread and a couple of loaves of white for the kids. My oven door is open now to let the extra heat out, and then after the house cools down some I’ll put on an extra layer of clothes. It’s nice to have fresh bread baked though, it helps with meals. Everything seems more special when it is served with fresh bread.

I finished Ryan’s first mitten today, and cast on for the second one. He is really tickled with them. It makes me sad I don’t knit for the kids more often. It’s a shame really, but I could knit for them constantly and they would still lose things and need new things, and it gets discouraging. Better to knit for them once or twice a year, then they will (maybe) appreciate it more.

My husband got out and went to work this morning. I guess the roads are pretty bad. He and his dad went out last night, FIL following hubby in the truck, to make sure DH could get to the main road. They got there and hubby saw lights on the lake. He thought it was weird someone was out fishing as cold and icy as it was. Then he saw two figures struggling up the bank. It was a young couple whose car had slid off the road at the curve and into the lake! They had managed to get out of the car and swim to shore, but if Sean and his dad had not decided to make that run, who knows what would have happened. It was the coldest night we have had all year. They would have had to walk a long way in any direction to find help, they put them in the truck with the heat all the way up, and called 911, and the boys family. They got them out of their wet tops and put them in extra coats that were in the truck. By the time the ambulance got there, they were warming up, and they did not take them to the hospital. I believe it was a God thing, completely. If they hadn’t been able to get the car doors open, if the car had sank quicker, if Sean and FIL hadn’t shown up right when they did or had not shown up at all, the situation would have been so much worse. I’m glad the Lord was watching out for them.