My old camera was having this problem with the shutter sticking. I could get it unstuck, using a process that required me to take a picture using the longest exposure time possible, and then 7 seconds into it, opening the battery compartment door. Doing this three or four times would unstuck the shutter. I could then take one picture, and then it would be stuck again. I tried to make it work, as I felt I was just getting good at using that camera. However, Chad is graduating next month, and that wasn’t going to work, I was going to miss way too many shots.

So a new camera it is. It is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35. Another bridge camera. I would love to try a DSLR, but I can’t justify the expense when this camera will let me shoot manually, has a great zoom and a great lens. I think I’ll like it. I haven’t got to try it out much, just some pictures of the animals yesterday, and shots of my baking today. It’ll take more getting used to. I can tell already that it is easier to shoot manually with this camera than with the Powershot S3 IS, though. The only thing I don’t like is that the screen on the back doesn’t flip out the way the old cameras did. That was sooooo handy.

With spring on the way, though, there should be plenty to take pictures of soon! It seems like we are going to have at least one baby goat after all! My friend Tina came over and took a lok at Jar Jar this week after I noticed it looks like her udder is filling up. she is almost completely positive that the girl is pregnant! I’m excited and scared!