For Christmas this year, Sean and I didn’t get each other much, we never do. I got him a watch he had been wanting, but there wasn’t a lot I wanted for Christmas, so he just got me some odds and ends.

Then about the middle of January, he said that an offer had presented itself. A friend of his from work was selling his brand new Ipad because it wouldn’t connect on the wifi network at the hospital. He was selling it for only $250, and did I think I would want one. We had been talking about getting me a small laptop, and this would be cheaper than we would even pay for a netbook. I told him I really didn’t know, and he arranged with the fella to let us borrow it over the weekend to see if it would work.

I really didn’t think I would like the iPad that much, as Sean and I already had iPhones. I just didn’t think it would be that much of a difference.I am also not one of those people that has to be the first to have every gadget that hits the shelves. I had read a lot of reviews of people saying it was just a big iPhone or iPod. I really didn’t want one and had a lot of misgivings about buying one, even at half the price of a new one.

But from the minute I used it, I loved it. So Sean went ahead and bought it for me for my birthday/Anniversary (19 years! Yeah!) I have felt a little guilty about it. A lot guilty about it. But then, anytime he buys anything for me I feel guilty. I also feel guilty about it everytime we go to the grocery store or pay bills. I keep thinking, he spent $250 buying me an iPad! I’m still going to use it though. I love using it, and I love that Sean wanted to buy it for me. I love it that he asks me every day, Do you really like it? and grins like crazy when I say I love it. It made him happy to buy it for me, so I am going to use it and enjoy it, even though I feel like I don’t deserve it.

So I thought I would do a short review of which apps I just couldn’t be without on the iPad.

My Top Ten Favorite iPad apps
1. Goodreader-This app lets me access my Ravelry library and download knitting patterns directly from there to the app. It also lets you annotate PDF files, so that I can keep track of what row I am on, draw lines through lace charts, and make notes. It’s great.

2. Mantis Bible-I really like this Bible app. I use it on my Phone as well, but it really shines on the iPad.
3. PhotoGene-simply the best photo editing app that I have tried.

4.WordPress-lets me blog wherever I am in the house!

5.Kindle-I love the kindle app. I have read a lot of free books from the Amazon site on kindle. I didn’t think I would like that at all, as I love books, but I can read the Kindle in the dark after Sean goes to bed without disturbing him. If you download a dictionary to Kindle, it will allow you too see the definition of a word if you just press the word with your finger for a couple of beats. The definition comes up at the bottom of the page. I think this is great, especially for beginning readers, as they are more likely to find the meaning of a word they don’t know that way than having to go look it up in a separate dictionary.

6.Flipboard-This is like a magazine where you pick the content that you are interested in. Sometimes I use it, sometimes I don’t, but I enjoy it when I do.

7.Evernote-again, an app I use on Ipad and iphone. Also on the big computer. I can highlight a recipe on a webpage, and paste it into ever notes with the click of a button. I also use it for note notes, knitting patterns, and things I just want to remember. Evernotes is a must have!

8.all recipes-I upgraded to the pro version of this app, so that I could save recipes to a recipe box. Then it syncs to my ipad. I really use all recipes a lot, and now I am not having to print off a ton of recipes on paper that get lots. However, I can’t make notes on the recipes either, if I change them up a little bit.

9.Pages-I use this for writing down patterns as they are developed. That’s about all I’ve used it for so far, though.

10.Dropbox-another free app that I wouldn’t be without. Lets you store documents, pics, etc, “in the cloud”, making it very easy to move all those things from the main computer to the Ipad without a lot of fuss and bother.

The only thing I am not thrilled about with the iPad is how expensive the apps are compared to the apps on the iPhone. There aren’t very many .99 and 1.99 apps out there. Is the iPad for everybody? Probably not, but it works for the amount of computing I have to do, is great for browsing the web and reading, and is very very portable. It was a good choice for me.