This was a post from a week ago, I thought I lost it! Since it’s found, I’ll go ahead and publish it. A post with pictures is coming soon!

Today was absolutely beautiful. Warm, but not too warm, and sunny. We did science for a couple of hours this morning, Ryan had to get ready to go to a camping trip with the Boy Scouts, and I went out to check on Jar Jar. She is getting closer to her due date, and is beginning to act a little funny. Twice when I went out today she was laying down, and didn’t get up when I got to her pen. Usually, she is up “talking” to me the minute I walk into her line of vision. She kept stretching her head back along her right side and making quiet noises. Tina tells me she is talking to her baby so the baby will recognize her when it is born. We think there is only one, or maybe two smaller ones, because while she is big, she is not really really big. Jar Jar has been a mother twice before. The first time she was a very good mother, and took care of her babies really well. Last year, Tina says, she had big babies and a hard delivery. She was NOT a good mother. TIna ended up bottle feeding the babies. While I will if I have to, I would prefer Jar Jar nurse her babies in the evenings. I will separate her and the babies at night and milk her in the mornings, and then she and her babies will be allowed to enjoy each other the rest of the day. That way I am still able to have milk for the kids and cheese, but I will be able to take an evening off every once in a while.

I planted some more garden today, more tomato plants, some garlic, peas, and cucumbers. I bought more pepper plants as well. I got hot cherry peppers, pimentos, and some yellow bell pepper plants. I already have planted sweet cherry peppers, anaheim, and hot bell pepper plants. I didn’t have many pepper plants do well at all last year, but I added lots of fertilizer to the rows before I planted them so I hope they will do better. I haven’t planted as many tomatoes as last year, because while I grew lots of beautiful tomato plants last year, I didn’t get many tomatoes. THe only thing that really did well last year was the basil and the cucumbers, and I was so afraid of snakes, I was afraid to go out where the cucumbers were running wild.

I still have a lot of garden left to plant. I am going to plant green beans. A couple more tomatoes maybe. Another maybe is an asian inspired garden with snow peas, long green beans, bok choy and other asian vegetables. I like the sound of it, I just need to see if I can find the recommended plants around here.